Hi, I’m Tom.

Yep, it’s as simple as that…I’m Tom.

After 10 years in sales, countless hours of dealing with irritable or disgruntled customers, and scores of sleepless nights spent laying in bed, wondering if I’ll ever see a fork in the road that would allow me to take a happier direction in life. I found my way… While the world is being tormented by the hideous face that is Covid-19, my family and I are tucked away into our own little sanctuary. Where suddenly we have time to do what we have always dreamed of doing; starting our very own homestead!

Why would we do this now?

  • We are not supposed to leave the property. (Covid-19)
  • We have always wanted to have a homestead so we can see the source of our food and the hard work it takes to achieve that meal on table.
  • To supplement our income and discover the means to spend more time on our tiny farm and with our 3 children while they are still young and actually want to be around us.

BUT, there is a catch! We often require a break from this chaotic world and we often have to force ourselves to stop and take a physical break. Our favorite way to do that is to play games! That may be a late night video game session, family board game night, or the ever elusive taple top role playing game night (IE: Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder)

So we want to document our journey from 55 hour/ week retail sales job to homesteading nerd extraordinaire! With that said, the questions seem to be:

  • Can we truly start a prosperous homestead?
  • Can we still find time to take a break and relax?
  • Can we make enough money to create a profit from our homestead?
  • How big can we get this dream of ours and still maintain the love we have for it?

So, keep checking in with us and seeing how we accomplish the dream shared by our whole family. Plus if you would like, feel free to click on our link below and subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to stay up to date with Grishams and McClures!

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