The “too many goats theorem”

So, did you know that there are just over 200 species of goats bred around the United States right now. Some for meat, some for dairy, some to show, and of course some are kept simply as pets (which after owning them I now have a better understanding of why). We decided since we have the room, the man power, and the time, we are going to raise some goats of our own. So, meet the new members of our family.

From left to right you have Corona, Oreo, and the ever skeptical Vyrus. All three immediately showing there different and very vast personalities. Corona is the youthful fun loving one with aspirations to run and jump on anything and everything he can. Oreo, the young buck who’s only real dream is to follow the crowd and try not to cause any problems. And of course Vyrus, who even after our best attempts is still often skittish at the presence of people. Always paranoid looking over her shoulder and cautious even with the other goats attempting to interact with her. She is finally starting to warm up to all of us here at NerdyHomestead.

Corona and Oreo are both Lamanchas, which are great dairy goats, and Vyrus is a Boer/Lamancha, which should be great for milking until she is unable to do so any more. After she is unable to produce kids or milk, she will be a meat goat.

Tom, Why wont you let me out? 😦

There are a couple noteworthy items I had about these little balls of energy and appetite I have noticed over this last week of spending way to much time hanging out with goats.

The biggest thing I learned, quickly? These kids need to be able to play!

So, after most of a day making toys from random items we had laying around the shop, they are rearing to go! Immediately these 3 hooligans are causing a scene. Jumping, yelling, running, and most assuredly having the time of their young lives.

BUT… its not all fun and games with these kiddos. They need to eat. Which entails several bottles of milk. No less than 4 times a day but, often more. They need to be cleaned, but most importantly, they need lots of attention. These little ones have already shown me there capacity to love a person who is willing and able to spend time with them. Often people will purchase animals like these and simply throw them in a cage and hope for the best but, that is far from healthy for a goat. They need that companionship and love the same way we as people need those things, which is so often written off.

Weather you are looking to raise goats for meat, dairy, or just to have a friend. You can certainly find a excuse to talk your spouse into making room for one (or 2 as they enjoy having a friend to cuddle at night) and you WILL NOT REGRET IT! If you have any questions on how one might get started raising goats or what your first steps should be to procuring one. Feel free to drop a comment and we will see if we can help out in any way possible.

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