Everyday Life

Not everyday on a homestead is filled with busy schedules. Some days are just… days.

Wake up, take a bottle to the baby goats, check the food and water for the chickens, ducks, and rabbits. Make breakfast. Check the garden. Do household chores. Make lunch. Check for eggs. Clean any pens or cages that need it. Let the animals out to graze, put the animals up for the night. Refill food and water, and give the baby goats another bottle. Make dinner, homework, showers, bed. Nothing too exciting. Its a super fun life to live. It is very rewarding, but the truth is, there isn’t always something spectacular going on.

On days like today when there is not something huge going on, we try to squeeze in our favorite games. Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, some X Box, or a board game or cards with the kiddos. Tonight was a blast. We made all 6 kids, ages 4 to 13, their very own custom Dungeons and Dragons characters. (Simplified so they could fully immerse themselves into the game). They had a blast. We had a blast. They were doing math without realizing it, they were using their imaginations to create a story, they were working together to problem solve, they took turns, they practiced patience, they learned that not all of them want to do the same things at the same time. They accepted that and still played the game together! They grew together a little bit more tonight. It was nice to see them all sitting around in a circle just enjoying each others presence and having a good time!

The game began with all 6 kids working on their homestead. Suddenly, they hear a loud screech and a dragon swoops in. Lillian’s character attacks first and the fight is on.. We had 2 ninjas, a fighter, a barbarian, a bard, and a samurai. After Ninja Lane stabbed the dragon in the heart, he spoke his dying words.. “I was just looking for my son.” Soft hearted Samurai Gunner could not let him die and sacrificed his turn to have the bard Lillian heal him! For his kindness and mercy the dragon granted these 5 children a wish. Yes 5, not 6, one of the ninjas got tired and fell asleep on my back. After several minutes of each child wishing for things, and Barbarian Will trying to kill Fighter Porters winged pig, they accepted a quest to find the dragons son. Off they went on their first adventure as a D&D party!

They found themselves at the tomb where the father dragon believed his son to be at. Upon entering the tomb, they find themselves on an old tattered rope bridge. It breaks. After trying to problem solve and work together, they all fall and get knocked out. When they wake up, they are strapped to beds and a monster enters the room… To be continued.

They were so angry with Thomas for leaving them on a cliff hanger. But, they have a couple days to contemplate their next moves! I cannot wait to see what they come up with!! I love to hear all of their imaginative ideas!

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