Your body is Important

All too often in life, we forget that our bodies wont last forever. What we put in to them is important. Keeping them active is important. I personally, am incredibly guilty of this. My favorite thing in the world is to curl up on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day with a bag of chips and a package of chunky chocolate chip cookies with a big cold glass of milk. That is ok once in a while. But, what happens to our bodies when we do that all the time? We get fat!!!

As a mom, getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight has always been on my mind. I just never acted on it! So then I gained more weight, thanks to the previously mentioned binge watching and snacking. Since starting the Nerdy Homestead, I’ve been made more aware of what we have been eating!

Take pork for example. When we started thinking about getting hogs, Thomas started researching (like he does for EVERYTHING) the best way to get a meat hog big and keep them healthy and happy! That search led to how meat hogs are mass produced. The information he got made me nauseous. So be prepared for that.

The hogs are kept in a crowded hog house with concrete floors which they spray off with a water hose. The pigs are on concrete their whole lives. Never to see grass. Never to Waller in a nice cool mud hole. They never feel a summer breeze or a gentle rain, just a hoghouse fan and a water hose spraying their own feces from around their feet.

They are then bred, but they do not get to raise the babies they grow inside them and labor to bring in to this world. No. The babies are put in tiny pens that run around the hog house… in layers!! They eat their milk from a machine or a bucket with nipples, never to have ther mothers milk or love. When they are weaning age the milk is abruptly taken away, no weaning, and they’re “given feed”. The gentleman we spoke with who had visited this particular hog house, described the way the babies were fed and this is what killed me for store bought meats. The feed is poured from the ceiling into the top baby cage, the extra then falls to the next cage, but much less than the 1st cage. Next is the 3rd cage, it barely gets any feed. The 4th and 5th cages? They get the poop from the top 3 cages to eat. “The poop is made up of feed, and they’re hogs, they don’t care”. That was it for me. I’m done. But it gets better.

Once they live on feces for several weeks, they’re moved to the concrete floors I described earlier, and given antibiotics and other medicines to increase their growth. They grow fast and large. Not at a normal weight and pumped FULL of chemicals. They then kill these pigs and process them, and feed them to your family!

Now, let’s talk about fruits and vegetables you buy from a store. They are not treated inhumanely. They’re plants, they’re delicate. They are sprayed with chemicals to make them grow faster and larger, and to keep their seeds from being fertile! They do not want the people, who use their money, to take those seeds and produce their own food from it! Is it the farmers fault? No, it’s the people who make the restrictions these farmers have to go by. Hard working men and women, have to spray their crops with things like this, just so they can continue to farm! To make their living! Some of these people are several generations of farmers, that’s all they know, it is what they love.

Margarine.. lord I’m not even getting in to that mess!!! Only 1 molecule away from plastic? No thanks!!!

Next time you go shopping, look at what you’re buying!!! The ingredients are printed right there on the back!!! Most of it you cannot even pronounce!! And if you search for some of it, its chemicals!!! It isn’t food!

This is the stuff we are putting in to our bodies, feeding our kids, and thinking we are being healthy by doing it!! Why? Because that is what we are conditioned to think!! Do not take my word for it. Do your own research! Talk to people. Read your lables.

Our bodies are ingesting those chemicals. If it turns a hog fat and meaty, and we eat the hog… what happens to us? Our bodies aren’t made for all of these antibiotics and chemicals we are fed!

Starting our own garden and raising our own meat showed me that! We have to make a way to get our kids out of eating these things!!! Its a slow process! Our piggies arent pumped full of growth hormones. They’re pastured! It takes a while for that to happen. Our chickens arent fully grown and laying eggs in 4 months. It takes about 10 months to a year before they’re ready. Our veggies produce seeds we can use year after year, so we will know where they come from!

Knowing what you put in to your body is so important! As well as the physical activity it takes to produce good home grown food! Farming is no easy job! It makes such a difference in your life! All of my research has opened my eyes and I am so thankful to be able to give my kids a better source of food!

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