Honey, I’ll bee careful. I promise.

Tom fact: Tom overly fixates on goals he sets for himself. That’s me …I’m Tom, and if we are being honest with each other here, those goals can sometimes get me in over my head…all the time. As a self aware nerd sitting here pondering the large DnD game I’m supposed to be DM’ing laterContinue reading “Honey, I’ll bee careful. I promise.”

Your body is Important

All too often in life, we forget that our bodies wont last forever. What we put in to them is important. Keeping them active is important. I personally, am incredibly guilty of this. My favorite thing in the world is to curl up on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day with a bagContinue reading “Your body is Important”

Swine on my mind (some assembly required)

Ok, so hear me out…I do not enjoy ham. You know, the classic brown sugar crusted ham that fills the house with that oh so familiar aroma. A scent that haunts you occasionally between one Thanksgiving and another. Even now, you’re counting how many months stand between you and that delicious slab of meat…toss itContinue reading “Swine on my mind (some assembly required)”

Canning On a Whim

Today’s adventures began with an unplanned trip to get produce and canning supplies so that I might figure out the art of canning that has been lost to time. I should have researched what I was doing before I decided to go spend money on supplies, but that just isn’t how I operate. Recruiting myContinue reading “Canning On a Whim”

Tracey loves the NerdyHomestead life!

So just to start this blog off, I will tell you a little bit about myself and why I chose to start gardening and storing food, raising our own meat and dairy animals, and living off of our homestead. My name is Tracey, and I am 28 years old. I have 3 beautiful children: Gunner,Continue reading “Tracey loves the NerdyHomestead life!”

Hard Work isn’t easy!

Not everything in life is easy. Gardening is one of those things. It is hard, laborious work. Back breaking. Not just the initial ground breaking, but the entire gardening process. From breaking the ground, to sowing the seeds, to weeding, watering, pest control, to harvesting, gardening is hard work. What do you get from allContinue reading “Hard Work isn’t easy!”