Know what to plant and plant what you know!

Gardening is a hobby of trial and error, but doing a little research can save you some of the hardships that come with that process. You can learn from other peoples mistakes. Every gardener had to start somewhere. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make while planting a garden is planting foods theyContinue reading “Know what to plant and plant what you know!”

Non Traditional ways of Gardening

Once upon a time, farmers would hook up their plow animal to their walk behind plows, and hit the field. Then came, the invention of the tractor. Modern advancements have made gardening much easier, and arguably, more effective. One of the more modern ways to garden is container gardens and raised beds. I have recentlyContinue reading “Non Traditional ways of Gardening”


One of my favorite foods to dehydrate use for long term storage is beans. Pinto beans are my favorite. They are easy to grow. Because they tolerate a wide range of climates, growing beans will produce a rewarding crop in most regions of the North America. You can find bean seeds at pretty much anyContinue reading “BEANS BEANS, THE MAGICAL FRUIT…”

The “too many goats theorem”

So, did you know that there are just over 200 species of goats bred around the United States right now. Some for meat, some for dairy, some to show, and of course some are kept simply as pets (which after owning them I now have a better understanding of why). We decided since we haveContinue reading “The “too many goats theorem””

Hi, I’m Tom.

Yep, it’s as simple as that…I’m Tom. After 10 years in sales, countless hours of dealing with irritable or disgruntled customers, and scores of sleepless nights spent laying in bed, wondering if I’ll ever see a fork in the road that would allow me to take a happier direction in life. I found my way…Continue reading “Hi, I’m Tom.”