Honey, I’ll bee careful. I promise.

Tom fact: Tom overly fixates on goals he sets for himself. That’s me …I’m Tom, and if we are being honest with each other here, those goals can sometimes get me in over my head…all the time. As a self aware nerd sitting here pondering the large DnD game I’m supposed to be DM’ing laterContinue reading “Honey, I’ll bee careful. I promise.”

The “too many goats theorem”

So, did you know that there are just over 200 species of goats bred around the United States right now. Some for meat, some for dairy, some to show, and of course some are kept simply as pets (which after owning them I now have a better understanding of why). We decided since we haveContinue reading “The “too many goats theorem””

Hi, I’m Tom.

Yep, it’s as simple as that…I’m Tom. After 10 years in sales, countless hours of dealing with irritable or disgruntled customers, and scores of sleepless nights spent laying in bed, wondering if I’ll ever see a fork in the road that would allow me to take a happier direction in life. I found my way…Continue reading “Hi, I’m Tom.”