Day To Day!

I make myself rich by keeping my wants few

Henry David Thoreau

Everyday Life

Not everyday on a homestead is filled with busy schedules. Some days are just… days. Wake up, take a bottle to the baby goats, check the food and water for the chickens, ducks, and rabbits. Make breakfast. Check the garden. Do household chores. Make lunch. Check for eggs. Clean any pens or cages that needContinue reading “Everyday Life”

Making Beer Bread

Baking has always been one of my favorite things to do. From pastries, to savory pies, I have spent countless hours in the kitchen baking. When the 2020 Corona Virus quarantine hit our little town, the shelves were wiped clean. From toilet paper and paper towels, to canned vegetables, people had panicked and cleared theContinue reading “Making Beer Bread”

Canning On a Whim

Today’s adventures began with an unplanned trip to get produce and canning supplies so that I might figure out the art of canning that has been lost to time. I should have researched what I was doing before I decided to go spend money on supplies, but that just isn’t how I operate. Recruiting myContinue reading “Canning On a Whim”


The first part of making sure your garden is going to be successful, is ensuring that your soil is healthy and balanced to provide you with optimum vegetation. There are four main things that contribute to efficient soil: Inorganic material I.E. Sand, silt, clay, ect. Organic matter. I.E. Decaying plant and animal matter Water AirContinue reading “Fertilizers”

The Ruth Stout Method

I was recently turned on to a new method of gardening. An easier, less labor intensive, yet still very productive method of gardening. The Ruth Stout Method.If you have learned anything about me so far, I’m sure it is that I like low labor, high yield methods of gardening; and everything else in life toContinue reading “The Ruth Stout Method”

Hard Work isn’t easy!

Not everything in life is easy. Gardening is one of those things. It is hard, laborious work. Back breaking. Not just the initial ground breaking, but the entire gardening process. From breaking the ground, to sowing the seeds, to weeding, watering, pest control, to harvesting, gardening is hard work. What do you get from allContinue reading “Hard Work isn’t easy!”


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